store policy

  • All custom made merchandise is subject to the following terms and conditions.

  • The customer acknowledges that he/she has selected and chosen the material, skin or fabric from which an item is to be made in the full knowledge that natural products may vary in color, texture and finish from sample to sample. If the customer is dissatisfied with such material at the time of the first fitting, he/she shall, at that time, inform Rafaello Fur Collection & Leather Craft, INC.. of the nature of his/her dissatisfaction and if Rafaello Fur Collection & Leather Craft, INC.. shall NOT return his/her deposit and neither party shall have any further liability, one to the other. Failure by a customer to notify Rafaello Fur Collection & Leather Craft, INC. of his/her dissatisfaction with material or workmanship, at the time of the first fitting, shall constitute a waiver by him/her of any and all rights to cancel the order and receive back his/her deposit.

  • All orders for custom made items shall require a full amount up front non-refundable payment at the time the order is placed, subject to the limited right of cancellation as herein provided.

  • Orders for custom made items cannot be cancelled, the is not refundable money.

  • All orders must be paid in full prior to shipping or delivery to the customer.

  • All payments must be made in US Dollars by major credit cards, check or money order subject to collection or other method reasonably acceptable to Rafaello Fur Collection & Leather Craft, INC.

  • Delivery of custom work will be made in a timely fashion which may vary depending on design and materials selected by the customer.

  • Use of the masculine gender is dictated by the rules of English grammar and is understood to apply to both genders.

  • Ready made and off the shelf merchandise may not be returned. All sale are final.

  • If the custom footwear does not fit we have to take time from 6 months up to 1 year for adjustments and fitting.

  • In the event that Rafaello Fur Collection & Leather Craft, INC.. agrees to accept from a customer a deposit on a layaway purchase of a ready made or off the shelf item, the said deposit shall be non-refundable and shall be deemed to have been forfeited by the customer if the layaway shall not have been completed within (180) days of the initial deposit.

  • Rafaello Fur Collection & Leather Craft, INC.. does not offer warranty on Ready Made or Off The Shelf Items.

  • To the extent that a manufacturer of ready made or off the shelf merchandise offers the consumer a warranty, whether general or limited, the customer shall have the benefit of such warranty. Rafaello Fur Collection & Leather Craft, INC.. does not otherwise warrant such merchandise and the customer acknowledges that Rafaello Fur Collection & Leather Craft, INC.. has made no warranty or representation with respect thereto, either express or implied.

  • All custom made shoes are warranted for a period of one year from the date of delivery, against defects in manufacture, only.

  • The shoe warranty does not extend to heels and/or soles. All custom made bags, pocket books, brief cases, jackets and hats are warranted for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of delivery, against defects in manufacture, only. Rafaello Fur Collection & Leather Craft, INC. represents that all animal skins used in the manufacture of custom items are legal and have been processed in American tanneries. Except as set forth herein, the aforesaid warranties are limited and there are no other warranties or representations, express or implied, with respect to custom items.

  • Anything to the contrary herein notwithstanding, all merchandise delivered in the State of New York are subject to New York sales tax at the then prevailing rate.

  • All customers must be 21 or older to place an order on our website. Call (212) 470-2600  

  • All  Custom Made Shoes ,Boots, Jacket, Belts ,Hats, Accessories  Sale are Final and with no refund

  • Private tutoring class not refundable after class is taken

  • We are not responsible for problems on fitting of your merchandise. Including problems you might have while wearing the shoes.

I agree to these term without argument:

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